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Brazilian Blend

Brazilian Peaberry blended with Brazilian Santos. Roasted medium. Very aromatic and flavorful with a few nut tones. An excellent brew to enjoy any time of the day.

Brazilian Santos

Signature coffee from Brazil's finest regions. This coffee is recognized worldwide. A pleasant light bodied brew which provides a pleasing aroma and a pleasant taste. Very aromatic, this coffee gives you all of the silky, sweet flavors.

Breakfast Blend

A blend of Central American coffees with a touch of espresso beans added to create a great wake-up coffee. A bouquet of smooth, sweet and nutty undertones that provides a clean flavor without the bitter or waxy aftertaste that you find in other coffees. Norfolk Coffee and Tea products are roasted and packed daily when ordered, to maintain the fresh coffee bean flavors from our roaster into your cup.

Butter Rum

Colombian Excelso coffee beans, medium roasted and then coated with a butter rum flavor that is carefully prepared. Very popular cup.

Cafe Amaretto

A real classic and a favorite brew. This tastes just like adding ammaretto in your cup. Enjoy this after dinner and relax.

Cafe Colada

Guatemalan coffee roasted medium. We add fresh coconut creme and rum flavors in the right proportions to create a tropical brew. Delicious.

Caramel Apple Strudel

First class dessert cup! Colombian coffee fully roasted and covered with rich caramel, apple, and cinnamon flavors.

Caramel Macchiato

Colombian coffee roasted medium. Covered with vanilla flavor and then saturated with caramel. Try adding a little whipped cream.