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Chocolate Cherry

Colombian Supremo beans coated with a rich chocolate and then we add just the right amount of cherry flavor.

Chocolate Creme Delight

Colombian and Costa Rican coffees combined for a sweet tasting medium coffee. Swiss chocolate and nut creme flavor

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Fresh roasted coffee dipped in chocolate and then covered with natural macadamia nut oils and flavors. Enjoy by the fireplace.

Chocolate Mint

Bavarian chocolate combined with a mint flavor perfectly paired and then fully coating our Brazilian coffee medium to dark roast. Perfect for that after dinner brew.

Chocolate Raspberry

A pure raspberry flavor added to our Colombian coffee. Bavarian rich chocolate covers the beans.

Colombian Blend

Colombian UGQ beans, combined with Colombian Excelso Beans. This is a full body coffee, with good acidity and robust flavor.

Colombian Supremo

A plump body of deep, rich flavor and aroma. Bright and full bodied, good acidity without the bit-ter or waxy aftertaste. Norfolk Coffee and Tea products are roasted and packed daily when ordered, to maintain the fresh, coffee bean flavors from our roaster into your cup.

Colombian UGQ

This delicate crop comes from the region of Bogota, Colombia. Good acidity, with a few nut notes. Very rich reddish color and a medium to bold flavor.