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English Toffee

Colombian UGQ roasted medium and then saturated with English toffee flavor. An authentic British coffee.

European with Cinnamon

Coffee from Indonesia roasted European style light. The beans are covered with a pure cinnamon flavor.

French Vanilla

A sweet french vanilla added to fresh roasted coffee beans. One of the most popular coffee brews. Try it iced for a special treat.

Godfather's Espresso Dark

Dark roasted unwashed Brazilians blended with just a touch of Colombians. Rich crema with a dark flavor, just like the Godfather ordered.

Gourmet Blend

Guatemalan SHB blended with Costa Rican HG Arabicas. This coffee was first introduced to fine dining establishments in 1984. Rich in color and taste.

Guatemalan Antiqua

The most popular of all coffees from this country. Medium or dark roast. Bold, full bodied with good acidity and a beautiful reddish-brown color.

Guatemalan SHB Organic FAIR TRADE

A medium body, crisp and bright flavor with a complex of sweet and fruity notes. Organically grown with and washed with no chemicals. Norfolk Coffee and Tea products are roasted and packed daily when ordered, to maintain the fresh coffee bean flavors from our roaster into your cup.

Hawaiian Kona

The pride of the USA. Top quality coffee grown on the shores of Hawaii. A unique sweet flavor with medium body and good color. Low acidity. Limited supply due mainly to its popularity.