"Irene Stephanitsis is the best! Her family knew how to help me find the perfect coffee for my home that reminded me of my conversations with my grandfather, sitting by the fire with a hot cup of coffee. Thank you Norfolk Coffee and Tea."
-Mary S., Smithfield, VA
"Wow. I have never had a better cup of coffee. The dark roast is to die for."
-George D., Norfolk, VA
"I have been in business for many years at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. I have only used Norfolk Coffee's 100% Colombian Supremo coffee beans for my customers and I have never had a complaint.  Their service as well as their product is top quality."
-Karla G., Honeybee Restaurant, Virginia Beach, VA
Total Entries: 60

  Robert and Sheila Wednesday, 11/26/14, 7:20 AM
  Your company is a blessing to coffee drinkers everywhere!
  From: Cleveland, Ohio

  Josh Congrin Saturday, 11/15/14, 4:17 PM
  My family and I cannot thank you and your staff for your generosity. Your products are far superior to any coffees and teas here in NY. We will be regular customers for many years to come. Josh
  From: NewYork

  T J Penning Friday, 5/9/14, 2:16 PM
  The only dark roast I have ever bought that does not have a bitter aftertaste!
  From: Jacksonville Fla

  charles robert cooper Sunday, 4/13/14, 9:32 PM
  One of the best coffee I have ever tasted
  From: burnsville ms

  Tom & Lisa Fritz Monday, 12/23/13, 4:24 AM
  The best little coffee shop in Hampton Roads and on the eastern seaboard great people and best customer services
  From: Norfolk

  Montgomery Sunday, 12/8/13, 4:09 PM
  Congrats on being VIrginia's premier coffee roaster. Your attention to your customers is second to none! We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.
  From: Richmond, VA

  Montgomery East Friday, 11/29/13, 6:50 AM
  I enjoyed your site and would like to order 7 pounds of your Christmas Blend.
  From: Pittsburgh, PA

  A J Silverstein Monday, 6/10/13, 9:32 AM
  The freshest and best tasting coffees! Your Va peanuts are good, too! A J
  From: Albany NY

  Norge! Tuesday, 6/4/13, 3:57 PM
  Welcome to Norge!
  From: Croaker, VA

  Megan O Sunday, 4/14/13, 11:33 PM
  I was in your store this week, and you generously gave me a sample of your coffee. It was delicious! I shared it with someone at work (we don't really have communal coffee pots, so I just offered it to anyone interested) and will have a review for you as soon as she tries it :) Check out my website/circus blog...you get a mention this week :D Thanks again!
  From: All Over
  Web Site:

  Virginia Price Friday, 3/22/13, 6:56 AM
  Your Virginia's Choice Coffee makes me feel important! Did you name it after me?
  From: Roanoke, VA

  C J Cradle Thursday, 3/21/13, 9:02 AM
  Your private label program is working very well in our stores. Thanks for your support. We will re- order on April 2nd. We will need more tea, too. Jack
  From: Kansas City, MO

  Marco Sullivan Wednesday, 2/13/13, 7:41 AM
  Excellent coffee! Best I have ever tasted. LOve coming into your store and watch the coffee being roasted.
  From: Norfolk, VA

  Rose and Michael Doomis Thursday, 12/20/12, 7:19 AM
  We thank you guys for your service and we wish you a Happy Holiday season.
  From: Nags Head, NC

  Enrique Posadas Wednesday, 12/12/12, 9:53 AM
  Gentlemen, your dark roast Manhattan coffee is a pride to our city! Will see you again in January.
  From: New York

  Mike Collins Tuesday, 11/20/12, 8:43 AM
  Nick, Great talking with you. Your advice was right on! Virginia's Choice was a hit. Lots of compliments at our dinner table.
  From: Richmond, VA

  Barak obama Saturday, 11/10/12, 2:33 PM
  Great coffee thanks chris
  From: Chicago

  Jon and Gloria Longwood Monday, 10/8/12, 11:01 AM
  Walikng into your store is like a visiting a museum. There is always something to see. The scent of fresh roasted coffee is so prominent. We wish you continued success for the next 100 years.
  From: Norfolk, VA

  Martin Mathews Monday, 10/8/12, 7:52 AM
  I enjoyed my conversation with you. Your selection of loose teas is superior to any place here in Chicago. Great prices, too!
  From: Chicago, Illinois

  Jeffery McCreary Tuesday, 9/11/12, 5:23 PM
  What a wonderful place...the smells, the sounds, the people! and the coffee is fabulous! Had some of the Omar's Special...I only hope you sell by mail...Will be moving north next year....would hate to miss out on the wonderful flavors of the freshly ground coffee!
  From: Virginia Beach

  diana coots Friday, 9/7/12, 2:28 PM
  what time are you open ? are you open on sat?
  From: norfolk,va
  Web Site:  

  Gerrauld Porter Tuesday, 8/7/12, 6:02 AM
  Thank you for participating in our school fund raiser. Your coffees and teas were a big hit! We will spread the word!
  From: Va Beach, VA

  Roy P Battles Wednesday, 5/30/12, 6:15 AM
  You guys are the most treasured businessmen in our beautiful City of Norfolk!!
  From: Norfolk, VA

  Bill Bruce Wednesday, 5/16/12, 5:53 AM
  Glad we found your place of business. Without a doubt the freshest tasting coffee I have ever had! Continued succeess to you!
  From: Washington DC

  George and Sharon Roundtree Friday, 5/4/12, 6:30 AM
  We miss visiting with you on a weekly basis. Living in Florida now. PLease call us every other Monday so that we may place an order with you. Take care and we will see you this summer. George and Sharon
  From: Tampa Florida

  Robert A Keller Monday, 4/16/12, 9:59 AM
  Your dark roast Godfather's Blend is excellent. Great bold taste, aromatic and leaves the palate satisfied. It is not bitter at all. Please send us ten pounds to the address you have on file. Thanks
  From: Charlotte NC

  Jamie Friday, 2/17/12, 6:20 AM
  I was wondering if your coffee came in whole bean or ground. We prefer whole bean. Also, do you offer discounts to bulk purchases?
  From: North Carolina
  Web Site:

  John Tabalow Thursday, 2/9/12, 9:51 AM
  Glad I stopped by your store. Thanks for your hospitality. I had never seen green coffee until now. You have gained a customer for life.
  From: Boston, Mass

  Peggy Marsh Wednesday, 2/8/12, 7:22 AM
  We will always remember meeting Uncle Pete. We pledge to continue his legacy by drinking Uncle Pete's Gourmet Coffee. We encourage all coffee lovers to help ST Judes Hospital by drinking Uncle Pete's Coffee. Thank you, Norfolk Coffee and Tea, for your great product.
  From: Hampton, VA

  Athenian Restaurant Friday, 1/27/12, 11:35 AM
  PLease ship 15 cases of your Dark Manhattan Roast Coffee ASAP. Also ship 7 cases decaf. Thanks.
  From: Brooklyn, NY

  Reginald Glass Friday, 1/27/12, 9:39 AM
  You guys have the best coffees. Great prices, too!
  From: Va Beach, VA

  Dana Kirkland Monday, 12/5/11, 6:48 AM
  Our trips to Norfolk always include a detour to visit Norfolk Coffee and Tea. We haven't been able to find a roaster in the Northern Virginia area that even comes close to the coffee we buy from your establishment. All of your roasts are delightful!
  From: Woodbridge, Virginia

  Harold & Ellen Planning Monday, 11/28/11, 12:00 PM
  The largest loose tea selection I've seen. Quality and good service. We appreciate the tour. We will do our Christmas shopping with you.
  From: Chesapeake, VA

  Glenn B Atkins Wednesday, 11/9/11, 5:57 AM
  Norfolk Coffee and Tea, You rock! Best coffee I have ever tasted!
  From: Buffalo, NY

  Sharon Moore Monday, 10/17/11, 11:50 AM
  Excellent products. Thanks for the good prices. Be back soon!
  From: Williamsburg, VA

  Irvin J Halter Wednesday, 10/5/11, 5:11 PM
  Originally from Vincennes IN but residing in Virginia Beach. Thank you for remembering my USPS years delivering mail to your establishment. Thank you for the fresh roasted peanuts & thank you so very much for the wonderful DARK ROAST MANHATTAN you recommended (2011.09.30) for my espresso machine. I cannot express in words the heavenly drink this bean has provided me. Rest assured I¿LL BE BACK (as someone more famously than I stated) for more.
  From: Vincennes Indiana

  V. Sorrano Monday, 9/12/11, 7:52 AM
  WE have everything we need here in New York, except good Guatemalan coffee. You have the best Guatemalan coffee.
  From: New York

  Rick Greenburg Monday, 8/29/11, 8:21 AM
  PLease repeat last month's order for us. WE are very pleased with your products. Thank you for the the new END ZONE BREW football coffee. You have made my Christmas shopping very easy!
  From: Richmond, VA

  Jim Gahagan Sunday, 8/7/11, 1:31 PM
  I did a trade one winter with an old school bud who lives in your area. I traded maple syrup for butter rum coffee. all I can say is I made out on the deal. it is without a doubt, top notch coffee and every person I let try some is hooked. Thanks, Jim
  From: Lewiston, Maine

  Jane Baker Monday, 7/11/11, 11:10 AM
  The best coffee I have ever tasted. Smmoth and flavorful. When are you coming to Ohio to open a branch?
  From: Akron Ohio

  George J Hall Monday, 6/27/11, 7:40 AM
  Thanks for all the information about herbal teas. You guys are very knowledgeable and my wife and I appreciate your help and literature. It is nice to do business with a family operation that cares about the consumer.
  From: Baltimore, MD

  Carol Williams Thursday, 6/9/11, 7:25 AM
  The aroma coming from your plant keeps downtown Norfolk smelling good! We are loyal customers since 1986.
  From: Norfolk, Virginia

  Jim Gregorakis Friday, 5/27/11, 9:18 AM
  My trips to Norfolk always include Norfolk Coffee and Tea Co. I can always be sure to get fresh ground coffee roasted with years of experience by the Stephanitsis Family. And thank you for the Pittsburgh Steelers packaging! It makes the coffee so much better!
  From: Canonsburg, PA
  Web Site:

  Harold G Edwards Monday, 5/23/11, 10:59 AM
  Your prices are very reasonable and no one can beat your quality! I am a loyual customer for over 15 years.
  From: Philadelphia, PA

  Kyriakos Zografos Thursday, 4/28/11, 10:18 AM
  Nice web site. We are enjoying some of your good coffee right now. Take care and we will see you again, soon.
  From: Chicago, Illinois

  Harlan Brass Wednesday, 4/20/11, 8:36 AM
  Thanks for your time. Your prices are very reasonable. We look forward to doing business with you.
  From: Ocean City , MD

  Doug Renslow Tuesday, 4/19/11, 8:29 AM
  Nick, please send some good dark roast Beans, and also some Mexican Altura beans to us here. We need some good coffee to keep us working. Send it to the address I gave you before I left.
  From: Iraq

  Serena Miller Thursday, 4/14/11, 6:41 AM
  Good morning, please ship 3 bags of Hazelnut creme 4 bags creme brulee 7 Virginia's Choice regular coffees to our address on file. Keep up the good work!
  From: Atlanta, Georgis

  Ted Corralman Tuesday, 4/5/11, 10:00 AM
  A fun place to visit. Thanks for the tour. Please send us 12 lbs. of your Virginia's Choice Coffee.
  From: Elizabeth , New Jersey

  Steven Shelby Wednesday, 3/30/11, 7:14 AM
  Great place. The biggest selection of loose teas in the area.
  From: Norfolk, VA